Aditya Kanade

Aditya Kanade

Professor, Indian Institute of Science

Department of Computer Science and Automation

Indian Institute of Science

Bengaluru - 560012, India

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Education and Affiliations

  • Professor, Indian Institute of Science (June 2022 - July 2022)

  • Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Science (August 2015 - June 2022)

  • Research Consultant, Microsoft Research India (March 2022 - June 2022)

  • Visiting Researcher, Google Brain (July 2018 - August 2020) - on leave from IISc

  • Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science (August 2009 - August 2015)

  • Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Pennsylvania (June 2007 - June 2009)

  • Visiting Researcher, General Motors India Science Lab (June 2007 - June 2009)

  • Visiting Researcher, Microsoft Research India (August - September 2008)

  • PhD, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (July 2002 - March 2007)

  • BE, Government College of Engineering Pune (June 1998 - June 2002)

Research (See publications and software)

I work at the confluence of machine learning, software engineering and automated reasoning. This is an exciting space wherein we can i) design machine-learning and logic-based methods to analyze programs, ii) automate software engineering, and iii) make machine learning reliable, robust and secure.

Recent Publications/Reports

  • Stateful detection of model extraction attacks [Draft]

  • Learning and evaluating contextual embedding of source code [ICML 2020]

  • ActiveThief: Model extraction using active learning and unannotated public data [AAAI 2020]

  • Neural attribution for semantic bug-localization in student programs [NeurIPS 2019]

  • Neural program repair by jointly learning to localize and repair [ICLR 2019]

  • Deep reinforcement learning for syntactic error repair in student programs [AAAI 2019]

  • Scalable neural learning for verifiable consistency with temporal specifications [Draft]

Teaching (See courses)

  • E0 202: Automated software engineering with machine learning (Jan - Apr 2021)

  • E0 302: Topics in software engineering - jointly with Shirish Shevade (Aug - Dec 2021)

Professional Activities


  • Distinguished program committee member, ICML 2021

  • Distinguished program committee member, AAAI 2021

  • Distinguished alumnus award (Computer Engineering), College of Engineering Pune, 2016

  • Prof. Priti Shankar teaching excellence award, 2014

  • Faculty awards from Mozilla, IBM, Microsoft Research India

  • ACM SIGBED best paper award at EMSOFT, 2008

  • Silver medal (Computer Engineering), University of Pune, 2002

Personal Information

I like to spend my spare time in nature photography. I post photos on my Facebook page. Here are some photo-articles I wrote: