New bugs discovered by SparseRacer

SparseRacer is a race detection technique for event-driven C/C++ programs that use programmatic event loops in addition to the default event loop. 

In our experiments, SparseRacer could find new and harmful bugs in some Qt-based popular Linux applications. These can cause use-after-free crashes and may have potential bearing on security. We reported them to the developers and many of them are confirmed as valid bugs and some are even fixed. See the table below for the bugs discovered by SparseRacer and their status. When multiple bugs are reported together, we distinguish them by appending (a), (b), etc. to the URL.

Publication: Anirudh Santhiar, Shalini Kaleeswaran, Aditya Kanade Efficient race detection in the presence of programmatic event loops 25th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (ISSTA), 2016.

This work is partially supported by a faculty award from Mozilla Corporation and an IBM PhD Fellowship.

Application URL Status
KTNef 356351 Fixed
KWrite 356813 Fixed
Kate 356815 Fixed
Okular 355172(a) Confirmed
Okular 355172(b) Confirmed
Kolourpaint 356052 Confirmed
Ark 356649 Confirmed
Ark 356806 Confirmed
Cervisia 356647 Under review
Cervisia 356648 Under review
KDF 356352 Under review
KOrganizer 356053(a) Under review
KOrganizer 356053(b) Under review