E0 323: Topics in Automated Verification

Instructor: Aditya Kanade

Semester: Aug-Dec 2013

Venue: CSA 225

Timings: Mon,Wed, 2-3.30pm


The objective of this course to introduce advanced techniques for program analysis and model checking. This is a 300-level course. The 200-level courses: (1) automated verification and (2) program analysis and verification are pre-requisites for this course. If you are interested in this course but do not satisfy the pre-requisites, then please get in touch with the course instructor.

Every course participant will be required to present at least one paper. For each paper, every participant should turn in a review of the paper in the prescribed format (see below) in the first class on that paper. The presenter will grade the reviews based on the accuracy and usefulness of the review and return them in the following class.

Format of reviews: The participants should type their reviews in the following format and hand over the printouts.
Paper title
Reviewer name
Questions (at least 2)

Course Schedule