Bugs Found by DeadWait

DeadWait is a static deadlock detection tool for asynchronous C# programs. DeadWait is based on our PLDI'17 paper. The source code of DeadWait is available at https://bitbucket.org/iiscseal/deadwait.

DeadWait found deadlocks in several open-source C# programs that used async/await. The deadlocks were caused by unforeseen interactions between synchronous and asynchronous waiting (await). We reported the bugs to the developers and many of them have been confirmed and fixed. The table below lists the applications in which bugs were found by DeadWait, and links to their fixes (where applicable).

Benchmark Report Deadlocks Reported Status
amqpnetlite Issue 91 3 Fixed
autorest Issue 2048 1 Under Review
dinero Issue 1 3 Fixed
hbase-sdk-for-net Issue 46 27 Fixed
numerous-app Issue 1 1 Under Review
o365rwsclient Issue 9 1 Fixed
sharefile-net Issue 15 1 Under Review
tweetinvi Issue 99 6 Fixed